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Burn Injuries

Serious Burn Injuries in Miami, Florida

Burn injuries can happen anywhere and at any time. Even the seemingly harmless activities such as cooking or lighting a candle could go wrong and result in a serious burn injury. If you or a loved one has suffered from a burn injury caused by another person’s negligence, then you need to call a Miami burn injury lawyer. It’s essential to seek legal representation immediately to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact Florida Legal today for a free consultation. Our Miami burn injury lawyer is here to help and will determine the best course of action to get you compensated for your injuries.

Understanding Severe Burn Injuries

Severe burns can have a devastating impact, especially considering that many of them are preventable. Regrettably, burn incidents continue to occur far too frequently, resulting in immense tragedy. According to the American Burn Association, burns rank among the leading causes of unintentional injury and fatalities in the United States. Alarming data reveals that between 2011 and 2015, U.S. hospital emergency rooms treated nearly 500,000 fire or burn injuries. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the occurrence of these injuries has decreased in recent years.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn are injuries that affect one or multiple layers of the skin, and in some cases, the tissues and structures beneath it. Let’s explore the various categories of burns that doctors commonly treat at specialized burn centers.

  • Heat burns – Exposure to high temperatures, including flames, explosions, steam, hot liquids, or contact with a hot object, can cause damage to several layers of the skin.
  • Cold burns – Skin tissue can become damaged by extremely cold temperatures, either by freezing or chapping, which can result in conditions such as frostbite and windburn.
  • Electrical burns – When a person touches a live wire or gets struck by lightning, electricity can burn their skin similarly to intense heat.
  • Chemical burns – Chemicals that are caustic or toxic, including solids, liquids, and gases, can cause chemical reactions that harm or ruin skin tissue. For example, if battery acid spills onto a person’s hands, it can result in damage.
  • Radiation burns – Exposure to high energy waves and particles can damage the skin cells and tissues underneath. Both sunburn and burns caused by radiation-based cancer treatments are examples of radiation burns.
  • Friction burns – When the skin comes in contact with a surface and is rubbed repeatedly, it can cause heat and abrasion that leads to burns on the skin. Examples of this include road rash from sliding along pavement after a motorcycle accident, as well as damage to hands from grabbing onto a fast-moving rope.

Burn Degrees Of Severity

A system of degrees ranks burns by how much damage they cause to skin and tissue. Below are the degrees in which burn injuries are categorized:

  • First-Degree Burns
  • Second-Degree Burns
  • Third-Degree Burns
  • Fourth-Degree Burns
  • Fifth-Degree Burn
  • Sixth-Degree Burn

If you have a burn that appears to be more severe than a first-degree burn, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention from a doctor without any delay. Don’t take the risk of guessing whether your burn requires medical attention or not, because any burn beyond a first-degree burn poses a significant risk of developing a life-threatening infection. Your health and well-being are far too valuable to compromise, so it’s crucial to prioritize seeking professional medical assistance for appropriate treatment and care.

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Frequent Types Of Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries Occurring on Someone Else’s Property

If you suffer from a burn injury on another person’s property, then you may be eligible for compensation. Property owners are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for their visitors, and if they failed to do so, then they could be held liable for your injury. A Miami burn injury lawyer can help you determine if you have a case.

Burn Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Defective products can cause severe burn injuries, especially products designed to produce heat such as space heaters and curling irons. The manufacturer of the defective product could be held liable for your injuries, and a Miami burn injury lawyer can help you file a product liability lawsuit.

Burn Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause serious burn injuries from explosions and fires. If you were involved in a car accident that resulted in a burn injury, then you may be eligible for compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. A Miami burn injury lawyer can help you navigate through the legal process to help you receive fair compensation.

Burn Injuries Caused by Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents such as explosions or fires can result in severe burn injuries. If you suffer from a burn injury at work, then you may be eligible for compensation from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. A Miami burn injury lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and work to get you the maximum benefits.

Burn Injuries Resulting in Long-Term Damage

Severe burn injuries can cause long-term damage such as scarring, disfigurement, and even disabilities. A Miami burn injury lawyer can help you receive compensation for the medical bills and future treatment you may need to overcome the effects of your injury.

Contact Our North Miami Burn Injury Lawyer Now

If you’ve suffered from a burn injury caused by another person’s negligence, then it’s time to call a Miami burn injury lawyer. They can help you receive the compensation you deserve and work to get you the medical treatment you need. Don’t hesitate to contact a burn injury lawyer today!