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What to Do If You Were Hurt on a Cruise Ship in Florida

What to Do If You Were Hurt on a Cruise Ship in Florida

If you are seriously injured in a cruise ship accident, you need to take specific steps to preserve your legal rights. Cruise line operators and their employees are trained to protect the cruise line from legal liability. If you are an injured passenger due to a cruise line operator’s negligence, there are several things you can do to help preserve your potential legal claim. In the past, knowing what to do after a cruise ship accident might not have been a concern before embarking.

However, with the rise in serious shipboard injuries and recent cruise ship accidents, it’s wise to know what to do if you or a loved one are injured on a cruise. Hiring an experienced Miami cruise ship injury lawyer is critical. But before contacting an attorney, here are a few tips to follow if you or a loved one are injured.

Visit the Ship’s Infirmary for Medical Assistance

After an accident, prioritize your health by getting immediate medical attention, even if you’re not sure of the severity of your injuries. On a cruise ship, this means visiting the ship’s medical center. Don’t be intimidated by potential charges; these can often be reimbursed if the cruise line’s negligence contributed to your injuries. Failing to seek medical treatment can weaken your injury claim later.

Obtain Copies of Your Medical Records and Reports

Following an incident, if you report your complaints to the cruise ship medical staff, we strongly recommend that injured passengers and crew members obtain copies of their medical records, forms, and other documentation from the vessel. Once your medical needs are addressed, it’s crucial to follow these additional steps to safeguard your legal rights.

Swiftly Report Your Cruise Ship Accident Personal Injury Claim

If injured in a sea accident, promptly report the incident, detailing how and what happened. Reporting is essential as it often triggers a shipboard investigation. U.S. Coast Guard Regulations mandate forms and investigations for injuries needing medical treatment beyond first aid. Not reporting can complicate or nullify legal claims against cruise liners. Report your injury to a cruise line employee, usually a ship’s safety or security officer, providing detailed facts without assigning blame. Always request copies of any forms you complete.

Acquire Your Passenger Injury Statement and Associated Documents

Cruise ship incident and injury reports are often designed by cruise line lawyers to avoid legal liability. Passengers should be cautious when filling out these forms, as they may include trick questions. During investigations, injured parties should clearly explain what happened and record conversations if possible. It’s important to report specifics like defective equipment or slippery conditions. Passengers are entitled to their statements and medical records but may need to formally request them through a lawyer. It’s recommended to gather these documents before disembarking and consult with a cruise ship lawyer for assistance.

Document Your Cruise Ship Injury with Photos and Videos

If you’re injured in a shipboard accident, use your cell phone to take photos and videos of the scene, documenting conditions like floor surface, lighting, signage, and any hazards. This evidence can protect your legal rights. At Florida Legal, our Miami-based cruise ship injury lawyers recommend capturing as much evidence as possible. If you’ve been seriously injured on a cruise, contact us today for assistance.

Gather the Names of All Witnesses After a Cruise Ship Accident

When filing a cruise ship injury claim, gather evidence such as documents, reports, videos, photos, and witness statements. Collect names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses of all witnesses, including crew members who saw or heard the incident. This information is crucial to prove your claim in court. The burden of proof lies with the injured party, so obtaining detailed witness information is essential for a successful claim.

Take Pictures of Your Injuries

Ensure you capture high-detail photos of any cuts, bruises, or scrapes you have sustained. If possible, place a familiar object near the injury to provide a reference for scale. If needed, ask a friend or companion to take the pictures. This potential evidence is crucial to preserve, as it may be days or even weeks before your cruise ends, and by then, the injuries may have faded. Documenting bruises, cuts, and other trauma can substantiate your serious injuries, which may not be immediately visible, and can counteract some of the cruise line’s defenses that your injuries are unrelated.

Contact Our Miami Cruise Injury Lawyer Today

Given the intricate nature of maritime law concerning shipboard injuries, it is crucial to consult an experienced cruise ship attorney who understands the numerous variables involved in such claims under federal maritime regulations. The Florida cruise ship accident lawyers at Florida Legal possess years of expertise in handling cases involving injured clients from cruise ship accidents and serious personal injuries. We assist both passengers and crew members from around the globe. For a complimentary consultation with a specialist in cruise ship accident claims, contact Florida Legal today.

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